Arnaldo Rivera, historical mayor of Castiglione Falletto, established the winery in December 1958. At a very difficult time for the Langa and its people, the master Rivera - with generosity, intuition, and courage - created his masterpiece: the union of many families with the shared objective of producing great wines that give value to the community and region. An act of love, of liberty, of rural pride.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello, including a historical vineyard from 1963 in Ravera.

Colore: straw yellow.

Olfatto: complex, with notes of honey, sage, and rosemary.

Gusto: fresh, savoury, and lingering, capable of expressing an interesting development over time.

A winery that represents the dream of bottling what, for centuries, the Cogno family of “Gavetta” has passed on: the art of working this land and preserving its great cultural heritage.

Zona di coltivazione: Belmonda vineyard – Novello.

Colore: intense straw yellow.

Olfatto: intense, delicate with hints of apple, citrus, exotic fruits, and floral notes of acacia honey.

Gusto: the flavour is rich with aromas on the palate; it has a noticeable acidity, a sweet, warm, harmonious, and lingering flavour.

This winery was founded in 1990 by Elvio Cogno who, together with his daughter Nadia and son-in-law Valter Fissore, has started the work of enhancing the Ravera cru, which thanks to their commitment has acquired prestige throughout the world.

Zona di coltivazione: Ravera – Novello.

Colore: bright straw yellow with golden hues.

Olfatto: fine, elegant, and of good intensity. Complex and lingering hints of wild flowers, aromatic herbs, citrus, and exotic fruits.

Gusto: savoury and mineral notes that refresh the mouthfeel and persist until the end. Notes of acacia honey, sage, and rosemary.

This winery was started and grown as a family-run business; it has more than 40 years’ experience. Azienda agricola La Pergola was established by Sergio Taricco at the end of the 1970s and was then entrusted, in 2009, to son Marco, who now continues the business with the same care and passion.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello.

Colore: straw yellow.

Olfatto: expresses floral notes of acacia flowers and lime tree, with notes of honey and hints of hay.

Gusto: fresh and savoury on the palate with good persistence.

A small, family-run winery established in 1997 by Mauro and Savio Daniele, oenologists and wine growers. Le Strette produces wines of personality and quality, which bring out the Novello vineyards and the autochthonous varieties of the Langhe. It enhances the characteristics of the grape and of the terroir by following the canons of integrated, sustainable viticulture; officially certified since the 2012 harvest.

Zona di coltivazione: various vineyards of the Municipality of Novello (for the PASINOT® crü, only the eponymous hill).

Colore: straw yellow of good intensity with pleasant green and golden hues; of normal intensity for PASINOT®.

Olfatto: complex, with notes of flowers, acacia honey, exotic fruit, citrus, aromatic herbs. When it is young, you can taste light hints of Moscato. PASINOT® is more austere. At times, it can exhibit very light sulphur notes.

Gusto: savoury, enveloping, and excellently structured; the classic Nas-cëtta is more oriented to freshness. Both show persistency, personality, and excellent potential to develop.

The vineyards of the Stra winery have a special vocation for great wines. They have been producing them for generations, maintaining their respect for tradition and terroir unaltered. So, whoever tastes these wines, even far from their origin, discovers in their glass that warmth and those feelings, which have always accompanied us in these hills.

Zona di coltivazione: “Pallaretta”: the historic sub-zone of Novello.

Colore: straw yellow with golden hues.

Olfatto: hints of wild flowers and acacia, honey, and citrus.

Gusto: you can taste its minerality and savouriness, but also the clear bitterness of pink grapefruit, sage, and rosemary.

The winery is pursuing a dream: producing wine exclusively with grapes coming from its estate, preserving the same simple and careful methods that fully reflect this terroir. The family-run winery best facilitates the management of the work in the vineyard and in the winery, while enabling a direct relationship with the consumer, a welcome guest.

Zona di coltivazione: Panerole – Novello.

Colore: pale straw yellow with light greenish hues.

Olfatto: clear, full-bodied with notes of grapefruit, white flowers, peach, and caramel.

Gusto: harmonic, savoury, full, with pleasant, lingering end notes.

With the inheritance of his family, Luca Marenco took a chance and began to produce wines with an authentic expression, simple and convivial ones that reflect the best of the terroir and vintage from which they come: the Langhe. Passion, the worth of the terroir, tradition, and innovation are the values that guide the creation of these wines.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello – Barolo.

Colore: straw yellow with golden hues.

Olfatto: fine and elegant with hints of wild flowers, herbs, citrus, and exotic fruits.

Gusto: marked minerality and savouriness, acacia honey, sage, and rosemary.

Small, family-run winery founded around 1950. The winery, which is continuously being renewed, has always cultivated the lands of its estate. Growers for generations, they dedicate maximum care to looking after the vineyard, always respecting the time nature requires.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello – Tarditi.

Colore: straw yellow.

Olfatto: it has good intensity, is aromatic and floral, with scents that recall mimosa, orange blossom, eucalyptus, nutmeg, lemon, acacia flowers, pear, white peach, thyme, pine, grass, and hay.

Gusto: savoury and lingering, on the palate it recalls herbs, flowers, and fruit such as apricot, mint, mango, apple, pink grapefruit, rosemary, chamomile, sage, lime, and yarrow.

A winery and guest house, founded in 2014 in Novello with the desire to carry forward the traditions of the Langhe. The vineyards that surround it are cultivated with love and passion, and with total respect for the environment.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello.

Colore: straw yellow with greenish hues.

Olfatto: citrus flowers.

Gusto: semi-aromatic with special savouriness and freshness.

The winery, which is managed by Paolo and Guido Sartirano, carries forward the traditions with wisdom and respect. Every glass encloses the history of the winery that reflects the typical characteristics of Novello and the Langhe, an area unique to the world. Sansilvestro offers a range of wines that touch all the areas of Piedmont’s wine-producing excellence.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello – Ghercina

Colore: intense yellow.

Olfatto: explodes in a sequence of plant notes. Acacia flowers and citrus freshness stand out.

Gusto: the exotic aromas of fruit are combined with good minerality that accentuates its freshness.

Four generations dedicated to the cultivation of the vine. In recent years, father Renzo has been dealing with Nas-cëtta grapes, so, in 2020, the Passone Massimiliano farm was born. The great debut began with the Nas-cëtta 2019, grown in Novello in the Corini area, where the winery is located.

Zona di coltivazione: Novello – Località Corini

Colore: deep straw yellow with golden reflections.

Olfatto: harmonious and complex ranging from floral freshness to intense ripe grapes interspersed with balsamic notes.

Gusto: acidity, aroma and flavor are perfectly combined with a good structure and pleasant fullness, with a finish enhanced by an excellent balance.